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~ Le Petit Rose ~ [userpic]
[Open to Teru]
by ~ Le Petit Rose ~ (xcourtierx)
at August 2nd, 2007 (02:11 am)

emplacement actuel: my bedroom
émotion actuelle: anxious

[ooc: This post is open to the public for the purpose of giving anyone who is interested but unsure of what we're looking for a visual aid.
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The word practically reverberated in Shinya's head over and over as he pretended to study at his desk, the illumination from his computer casting an odd glow on his near white skin. Five more minutes and his mother would do her last check on the night, then he could dismiss his servants with an excuse. That was his plan now that he'd acquired a knife as instructed. Camelia was one of the few maids who was attached to Shinya, having been present for his all his life. A quick sob story was all it had taken and she slipped him one of his mother's daggers but without telling him why the exalted Marchioness would need one. He shrugged his curiousity away and glanced down at the drawer where it now lay.

He leaned his cheek against his hand, pouting in his usual petulant way. He would have to at least attempt to read some of his lessons. There will be hell to pay in the morning should he face his gouvernante empty-minded. His eyes widened at the the sound of the large door creaking open. One of his mother's maids came in first, sinking into a low curtsey like the rest, holding open the door for his elegant and cold mother to sweep in. Midori Terachi was still dressed from her dinner with a family "friend" and looked formidable as always, casting her faux green eyes over to her only child.

"You should sleep soon."

Shinya gave a deep curtsy, fanning the sides of his pale blue dressing gown out from his sides, "I apologize for being up so late, I do not want Madamoiselle Seymour to be disappointed. I shall retire for the night as soon as my reading is done, I promise."

For a moment, he worried she would see through him and he lowered his eyes to the ground, losing his court composure in fear. He might hate her but he did have to respect her to an extent, she was more experienced and had come from nearly nothing to married to a rising nobleman, one that was cowtowed to by women who had been born wealthy. Midori appeared to grow bored of watching him and made a soft click of her tongue; a sound of dismissal. A swish of fabric and she had disappeared from his insulated world once again. Rising and settling back at his desk, He cut his bright brown eyes at his three maids.

"Get out...please," his tone was calm but the aggravation of his plan gave an unintended edge to it, "I won't need help tonight and I want to be left alone. Go back to your rooms until morning."

He paused near his desk, waiting for the last one to duck out, then took off at a near run for his closet. Teru was on his way and he wasn't really dressed yet. He quickly slid off the dressing gown and pulled on another set of clothes, cursing because he couldn't find his boots. He stepped into his shoes and prayed that any damage wouldn't be reported to his mother. A frown settled itself over angelic features at the sight of his hair, his hand coming up to smooth it back and pull it back. Shinya took a turn in the mirror and sighed in defeat.

"What an inappropriate outfit...I look like I'm going to tea" a rush of breath left his sour face.

Resigning himself to the fate of his taste in clothes, he slipped the knife from the drawer and tucked it in his pink garter, waiting for to be rescued for the night. The metal was cold against his skin at first but finally warms and he was able to adjust to the weight high on his thigh. He had no doubt the other would show. Teru had a horrible reputation according to his parents, but to him the other's character was good. Shinya jumped at a noise outside and stood up, one hand clinging tightly to the tall bed post in excitement, his body tense and on edge.



Posted by: t h e_blonde † CUNT † (petitflamboyant)
Posted at: August 2nd, 2007 07:12 am (UTC)
o7 [nyan~?]

Creeping ever closer to the light he knew to be coming from Shinya's room, Teru ducked behind a tree. It was not that anyone spied his approach, but the activity, the feigned adventure, gave Teru some way to occupy his mind in the tedium of moving alone through the dark. Waiting behind the tree for just a second, Teru used the time to collect his thoughts, ponder the scattered notions that had been floating through his head that evening.

His hand slid down, brushing absently at a bug that landed on his bare leg. A low hissed escaped him as he looked down through the dark, forgetting momentarily that he couldn't see the full extent of the bug's damage through the obscurity. Hiss ending in a gentle cluck, he moved from his spot behind the tree, pacing closer to the window. Looking around for a tree suitable for climbing, Teru finally gave up the endeavor, opting instead to run his hand along the outside of the building in the dark, locating handholds.

Finally successful, Teru slowly started climbing. Unsure how successful he'd been in his attempts to stay silent, he quietly prayed Shinya's family - or even one of the servants - would be called to investigate. He knew what Shinya's family thought of him; he knew how most considered his and his family's name in Versailles, in fact, and none would be too eager to find his father's troublesome young son climbing the side of their house.

Halting a second in his climb, Teru released with one hand, letting it come down to check what lay safely sheathed at his waist, a customary protection he kept with him, occasionally called upon to use. Clean and simple, it did its job better than any of his disguises or games ever did, and he put more trust in the simple instrument than he knew he should.

Finally continuing the climb - pretending for the sake of his own mind that it was a far higher window he was trying to reach than it actually was - Teru found himself eyelevel with the light he'd been watching for the entirety of his climb. He spied the blonde boy standing, looking towards him, tense and alert. Giggling a little at the reaction, Teru stuck the tip of his tongue out at Shinya and let himself in through the window, straightening up as his feet touched the floor and looking around the elaborate room, head cocked at a slight angle.

"And her beauty was sold for an old man's gold, she's a bird in a gilded cage," he muttered to no one in particular, losing himself to his mind for another brief moment. Blinking once, bringing himself back to the present, he looked at the other blonde boy and gave a small bow. "Forgive the lack of a hat for me to tip," he continued, "It never really was my style."

Mischievous smile touched his mouth as he nodded his head towards the window. "Time to go," he said simply, moving back over to the window before Shinya could reply and peering out into the darkness, listening for signs of life or movement that might impede their progress.

Posted by: ~ Le Petit Rose ~ (xcourtierx)
Posted at: August 2nd, 2007 08:49 pm (UTC)
Rose Red

Relief flooded through Shinya's limbs when it finally dawned on him that Teru was actually there, he even manged to give a soft giggle. He moved a little closer, amazed that the other really had come to the window. The idea seemed somehow surreal at the moment, even if that was precisely what Teru had said he would do.

Maybe some of what Papa said is true...

He heard soft muttering and glanced over, pulling his attention to the other in his room now but paused, catching the last few soft words. Was he being teased? It was how he saw himself, in any event, Shinya was the tiny bird with beautiful feathers...and the inability to stretch them beyond the confines of his golden cage. It rang even more true for him, now that he was under the watchful eyes of his parents. Actually, "watchful" wasn't the right word. It sounded too close to "concerned" and he wasn't stupid enough to believe his welfare was first and foremost in their minds. They were testing him, seeing how he was recieved, seeing if he truely deserved to be heir.

Annoyed, he glared openly at Teru for the comment. Now he was sure he was being teased, the older boy knew full well that Shinya would be annoyed. Even though everyone was polite, they barely paid him attention. They were far too busy dancing attendance on his mother. He was ready to give an indignant reply to his salvation for the night but, fortunately for him, was cut off quickly.

Leaning over the edge slightly, he glanced around then straightened up, a slightly confused look on his face, "Pardonnez-moi, Teru...but where exactly is the ladder, rope, really tall person that you used to get up here? Because exactly how were you planning to get me down?"

"How am I getting down?!" he grasped Teru's arm to still him, full lips forming themselves into a pout. He glanced out into the darkness once again and then gave a slightly more panicked look to the older boy, appearing more like a child than he ever had before.

Posted by: t h e_blonde † CUNT † (petitflamboyant)
Posted at: August 2nd, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC)
o1 [princess]

Ignoring the other's words as the blonde boy began to speak to him, Teru continued looking out into the obscurity. Finally steeling himself to meet any that might be wandering, he prepared himself to slip out the window without answering Shinya's question. Sometimes even Teru himself was surprised at how little Shinya's occasional whining bothered him - how easily he could shrug it off.

Teru knew he wasn't the most laid-back of people, he accepted his own temper and pride, and that those qualities often hindered him in his own "trade." Yet somehow, Shinya's own ego didn't clash with his. He could shake off the pouting, the occasional plea for attention he knew Shinya's own family didn't grant him.

However, as Teru moved to ignore Shinya's words now, he felt a hand grasp his arm tightly, pulling him back from the window just a bit. Turning, he finally met the other boy's eyes and took in the pouting expression. Taking a deep sigh, he shook his head, smirking a little and looking around the elaborate room once more before speaking.

"I told you to be prepared to do a little climbing," he said. "It's not that hard to get down. I swear these walls were built to scale. Which," he added after a pause, "Isn't necessarily something you'll want to be spreading around. Not that anyone that was curious wouldn't find out on their own."

Taking another look down across the grounds, he let his eyes move across the floor before rising to look Shinya's face once more. "If you're nervous," he said, "I can go first and catch you if you fall."

Failing to conceal the teasing note on the last phrase, Teru smiled finally and giggled, tip of his tongue sticking out at Shinya once again as he pulled free of the hand clenching his arm and hopped onto the window sill. Moving to let himself down once more, he paused and looked at Shinya.

"And will my Lady be joining me on my quest this evening?" he said, not bothering to conceal the mirthful tone to his voice this time, head tilting a little as he awaited his pretty companion's response.

Posted by: ~ Le Petit Rose ~ (xcourtierx)
Posted at: August 3rd, 2007 06:55 am (UTC)

"Je sais cela! But I didn't realize you meant my wall..."

The unattractive scowl left his face slowly and he began to calm down a little, his tantrums always cooled quickly around Teru. Most likely because of the small crush he harboured. The little blonde was too prone to tantrums to cut them out altogether, but they lost their bite around Teru. Begrudgingly, he realized his mistake; he had been warned after all, so there was no choice but surrender. Not that it mattered. Against the older blonde, it was often the only choice.

He glanced down at the shoes he had chosen, the heel wasn't very high and it was wide. They were not ideal at all for climbing but he trusted that the walls wouldn't be that difficult to handle. Besides, he was only on the second floor. If he fell, it wouldn't be that far. Maybe. A soft sigh left pale pink lips and he tilted his head downward, lowering his lashes demurely, "Désolé. And I won't tell anyone."

Shinya was struck by the teasing tone, lips forming a pout immediately and his cheeks rapidly colouring with embarassment. Being teased stripped him of his composure far too easily and in a situation where he was already at ease, his temper was worse.

"Vous êtes horrible à moi!" he murmurred under his breath, glaring under lowered lashes. He took a deep breath and straightened his spine even more, his ego wanting to shake off it's recently acquired bruises, nodding, "You go down first, I'm not scared anymore."

"Yes, I will. So go already!"

He made a face at Teru, mimicking his way of sticking out the tip of his tongue, his hands clutching the sides of his skirt nervously. Shinya gave a small nod, another sign that he was ready, intent on watching the other's descent as carefully as he could.

Posted by: t h e_blonde † CUNT † (petitflamboyant)
Posted at: August 3rd, 2007 03:15 pm (UTC)
o8 [words]

Accustomed to Shinya's flares of temper around him, which didn't last as long as they appeared to when directed towards others, namely his family, Teru didn't flinch when he found himself the recipient of Shinya's brief displeasure. Teru's own eyes found their way down towards the boots Shinya had, and he silently thought he'd climbed far higher in much worse.

Of course the trouble he'd landed himself in after that adventure had been far more than he imagined either he or Shinya wanted that night. Sometimes Teru himself wondered if the rumors and whispers about his personality didn't have some thread of truth to them.

Silently giggling a little at the color that rose in Shinya's cheeks at his words of teasing, he nodded as Shinya told him to go first, as he promised that he'd follow and accompany him. Though he wouldn't admit it, Teru was glad Shinya opted to join him - as much as he enjoyed the trouble he got into on his own, he always preferred having a companion when he strayed into restricted territory. Aristocrats willing to bend and break the rules of their culture as much as Teru did were hard to come by, and he waited for the day when Shinya too would decide that he preferred his own station and safety.

Eyes stayed on Shinya for a few moments as Teru began his descent, but before long, he let his eyes move to the ground - or where he imagined the ground lay through the darkness. Using the obscurity as a focus point, he climbed slowly, listening for Shinya's movements above him and, despite the frivolity with which he'd originally said the words, preparing himself in case the other did fall.

Before long, he felt one foot touch the ground and, jarred a bit by the unexpected earth, he stepped back to steady himself, raising a hand to brush his unruly hair out of his eyes before crossing his arms before him. Part of him whispered to offer Shinya a hand, but the logical part of him didn't want to condescend the other boy any further, allowing him to finish the climb down on his own.

Instead, Teru let his eyes cast around the grounds, searching out any potential threats to their fun that night, verifying that no one of danger approached them. He was fairly sure they had maintained silence on their climb, but he did not want to trust his own ears entirely, worried he may have missed some fatal sound - either made by one of the boys or an approaching servant.

Or guard, he added bitterly in his mind. Servants could be won over with pouts and assurances of his innocence; guards tended to prove more of a problem, especially late at night, when only troublemakers and criminals were about. Teru quietly wondered which category he fell into as he suggested their departure to Shinya with a nod of his head.

Posted by: ~ Le Petit Rose ~ (xcourtierx)
Posted at: August 4th, 2007 06:51 pm (UTC)

Shinya clutched at the window sill, not the least bit concerned as to whether his nails were ruined or not, he felt like one big nerve as he lost sight of Teru in the darkness. He kept trying to remind himself of the fact that it wasn’t that far of a drop from his window to the ground, neither of them would get more than a little scratched up. It didn’t work, for a few moments he couldn’t hear anything over the sound of blood rushing in his ears.

“Teru! If you fall, I won’t ever forgive you!” he hissed quietly to himself. The sentiment was ridiculous but it was Shinya’s way of feeling concern. At least Teru hadn’t heard, otherwise, the rest of his long eternal life would’ve been spent attempting to live down the comment. He reminded himself that he didn’t have time for this, he had to get started or risk holding up their plans…or worse, getting them caught and ruining his only chance to get away for awhile.

Sighing softly, he climbed onto the sill and swung his legs over the side. He thought he’d heard a noise and froze, even if it were one of his own maids, it was in his parents’ employ they belonged and they would betray him without the slightest bit of hesitation. He glanced down in the darkness, knowing Teru was waiting, and shifted, grabbing onto the sides of his window. Tentatively, he placed the tip of one foot against the wall and found footing fairly easily, to his great relief. His other foot followed suit and slowly he inched his way past the window, pausing again to see if there was still noise. It seemed for now, he and Teru were safe.

The climb wasn’t hard but fear kept him from enjoying it, he kept picturing himself falling and nearly slipped once, letting loose an frightened cry but clinging to the wall until he regained his footing. He kept his eyes closed, it was too dark to make out what he was doing anyway, letting his fingers and feet play guide. Foot, foot, hand, hand. That was his pattern for moving until finally he felt a small jolt. Shinya realized he’d made it to solid ground and leaned against the wall in relief, hands still clutching it for support until he felt strong enough to let go and turn around. Purposefully, he avoid looking at Teru’s face just in case there was another smirk there.

He shouldn’t have bothered, from what he could make of the other’s face, it was pursed in concentration. He moved a little closer to the other, trying to remember that this was covert and a little afraid to ask Teru what to do next. Instead he watched what features he could, waiting for the smallest signal and once again in his life, totally depending on another to guide him.

Looking around at what should have been familiar territory, he found himself feeling completely lost in his own home. He'd come home after dark before but he'd never really seen it in the dark. Familiar pathways and architecture took on a more menacing face than in daylight, it made him nervous and he started to doubt the intelligence of accepting Teru's invitation. Of soliticing it in the first place. Shinya reached out a little blindly and gripped a piece of the other's clothing, a silent plea to stay near him.

Posted by: t h e_blonde † CUNT † (petitflamboyant)
Posted at: August 4th, 2007 08:32 pm (UTC)
1o [arf~!]

Pausing a moment in his concentration to look at Shinya as the other leaned against the wall, catching his breath and equilibrium once again upon reaching the ground. Despite the one near-fall by Shinya, the climb down had been easier than Teru had imagined. In truth, he'd expected Shinya to show more hesitation on the climb down.

Turning to walk after his indication, Teru once more felt a firm hand grip the cloth of his clothing. Reminded of the similar situation up in Shinya's room, he sighed quietly - careful not to exhale loud enough for Shinya to hear, and turned around to face the other boy.

"It's all right," he whispered. Shooting a nod towards the gate, he continued, "Just a few steps - just across the lawn and out the gate and we're safe, right?" Even in the dark, that characteristic mischievous smirk found its way to his lips. "Then," he said, "The night is ours and we're free."

Reaching down, he carefully pried Shinya's hand off of the fabric of his clothing. Giving a comforting smile that he hoped could be seen through the dark, he whispered, "Don't worry. It'll be fine. What's the worst that could happen anyway? They catch us and we get yelled at." He rolled his eyes, "If scoldings were lethal, do you know how many times I would've had to be reincarnated to be standing here now?"

Giggling, Teru turned and, grasping Shinya's hand in his own one more time, he gave a reassuring squeeze and then released, heading quietly towards the front gate, ears still intently listening, but slightly more relaxed now that they had successfully reached the ground.

Posted by: ~ Le Petit Rose ~ (xcourtierx)
Posted at: August 4th, 2007 10:07 pm (UTC)

He nodded, not willing to speak lest the pout he was fighting break through. Being treated like a child annoyed him to no end and he didn't want to prompt it by acting like one now. It was his own agreement that got him into this, twice now he could have backed out if he were too afraid. Teru was right, it wasn't that bad. Shinya admonished himself for his behaviour and relocated his pride, straightening his spine. He put all his focus into banishing his childish anxiety and focused on the seasoned adventurer in front of him.

Teru's attempts to put him at ease helped and he even managed a quiet giggle; it was true, his punishment wouldn't be too severe. The worst would be a long lecture and his mother's favourite critique, "If you're going to imitate my sex, at least learn to do it properly". The younger blonde looked down at their hands for the moment they were were clasped and blushed hotly, braving a glance up at Teru's face while praying it was too dark to make out the colour.

"I am fine now, merci," his voice was soft and a little unsteady, though it lost its tremor as he continued, "Let's go."

Just as he starte to move forward, the blade of the dagger pressed uncomfortably against his thigh, it had shifted from the climb down, and he had to re-adjust it before starting again. Wonder about why he'd been instructed to bring a knife was quickly pushed aside, first things first. He moved forward, imagining the area as it was in the day, and stepped in a more confident manner. His heart was starting a cadence so fast and loud, he wondered if Teru would hear it.

Posted by: t h e_blonde † CUNT † (petitflamboyant)
Posted at: August 5th, 2007 08:21 pm (UTC)
o7 [nyan~?]

A rare, genuine smile, devoid of mischief or malice, made its way to Teru's lips as he heard the giggle escape the other. Looking at Shinya through the dark, he tried to discern the other's expression, but failed in the obscurity. He listened to the other's whisper grow stronger as he spoke, losing what was left of evident nerves.

As Teru moved through the dark, he heard the other boy's movement behind him. He slid quietly out the gate - opening it just enough to slide his narrow body through - before waiting for Shinya on the other side. Though tempted to scale the structure as he did getting onto the Terachi grounds, he opted for a more civilized departure and sparing Shinya another climb.

Looking at the quiet street, he spotted a few figures meandering hither and yon. Some appeared to be drunk servants and nobles, struggling to reach their beds before the drowsiness that accompanied their inebriation set in. Others were troublemakers, out to commit their nightly sins under the cover of darkness. Tensing his body for a moment, Teru took in their surroundings, calculating where every person was before turning on one heel and, with a whispered invitation, setting down the street.

None bothered them in the wealthy district as they began to move - every other passerby knowing they meant their own business and would likely as not prefer to travel in peace, without hindrance. Teru wondered if they'd meet the same level of tolerance when they left the wealthier neighborhood, wandering to a world more violent and chaotic than the one of the aristocrats.

Posted by: ~ Le Petit Rose ~ (xcourtierx)
Posted at: August 7th, 2007 04:40 am (UTC)

Everything sounded louder than it should. Teru's heels and his own sounded loud enough to wake the dead, let alone alert their entire household to their nighttime plans. He kept his eyes in front of him, not giving into the desire to look around and make sure they weren't being follow, lest he be left behind. Instead, the only thing Shinya allowed himself to pay attention to were the thunderous sound of heels in front of him and the flap of clothing as the other moved.

He was a little hesitant at the gate, his inner princess balking at the idea of squeezing through and possibly ruining his clothing. But he just grabbed ahold to the iron and slid past, he'd held up things enough for the night. A relieved grin was on his face as he took a step outside of the grounds; his first in days, nearly a week. Once through, the blonde heir dusted off his clothing and looked up just as Teru spoke, he cast a quick glance around before moving to catch up. Shinya consciously focused on matching his steps to Teru's, so that click was nearly in unison. He was unsure if it helped but it gave him a small feeling of accomplishment as he achieved the desired pattern.

"Excusez-moi...Teru," he moved a little closer to his rescuer, keeping his voice to a low whisper, "Can you tell me where we're going now?"

His natural curiousity was nagging and pulling at him now, prior to their clean getaway, his mind was far too concerned with the business of how to get out. Now that he was out safely, it wanted to know where it was getting out too. The image of the dagger flashed behind his eyes and he was suddenly reminded of it's weight. Where could this night be taking him? It didn't matter, he wasn't going to back out now. He trusted Teru, and if anything went wrong, he trusted Teru would handle it.

Posted by: t h e_blonde † CUNT † (petitflamboyant)
Posted at: August 7th, 2007 04:21 pm (UTC)
o1 [princess]

Relieved to hear Shinya's footsteps behind them as they set off down the street, Teru slowed his gait as he heard the low whisper behind him. Straining his ears to hear the quiet words, he smiled a little as he let a small silence linger between them, taking a moment to decide whether to answer the question or not.

Finally, putting up an arm as he stopped, preventing Shinya from bumping into him or passing him on the street, he turned a little to better face the other boy. Dark eyes trying to discern the other's expression through the night - whether he was, once again, seeming to have second thoughts or whether pure curiosity sparked the question. Finally deciding Shinya had dedicated himself to the night - to whatever caught Teru's whim in terms of activity, Teru answered the question.

"I can tell you now," he murmured. "We're heading towards une taverne. Not," he added quietly, "One in this part of town. It should be fun this time of night."

Giggling a little, he turned to leave again, but then paused, turning to face the younger blonde. "It'll be fine," he said more reassuringly, "I go there regularly. Well," he amended, "I haven't been there in a while, which is one reason I thought to go there tonight."

Running a hand over the dagger at his waist, he continued, "I just asked you to bring a knife in case anything happened. Not that it would," he added hastily, "I've never found trouble there unless I went looking for it, but," he shrugged, "It's better to be prepared. I'd rather explain to your parents why you're home safely with one or two stains of blood that is not your own on your skirt than explain why I'm bringing their son home in tiny, immortal pieces. The people there are nice," he said, "But everyone gets a little stupid after they've had alcohol in their systems. Usually it just takes the form of crude humor and a drinking contest or two. But other times, something more chaotic can erupt."

Clearing his bangs from his forehead with a small flick of his head, he spoke again in a wry voice. "Which you should actually know all about, judging from the conduct of some of the aristocrats when inebriated." Looking more closely at Shinya through the darkness, he tried to discern his expression. "I figured you needed a fun night out drinking or something of the sort. Does the destination suit Your Lordship?" Customary hint of teasing sarcasm was attached to the last sentence, another slight giggle escaping him as he stuck the tip of his tongue out just a little through the darkness.

Posted by: ~ Le Petit Rose ~ (xcourtierx)
Posted at: August 14th, 2007 04:23 am (UTC)

"Tavern? Then in which part..." It was obvious. Teru was taking him to see how the "other half" lived. To see those not constrained by titles and gossip, obligation and structure. Hadn't he once said he wanted to know what it was like to be the anonymous, so that he could slip in and out of the crowds freely? He wasn't even sure he could achieve that effect tonight but anywhere Teru choose to frequent, they would more than likely ignore his status for the night. This would be an amusing night for his friend, he was sure. Shinya drank the finest vintages of wine and his own family controlled two vineyards, however, he hadn't touched any sort of tavern fare in his life. Which may have helped Teru in his decision.

All the things Shinya had heard of taverns and their rowdy nature had come from admonitions from his mother and overheard gossip among his maids, apparently Terachi guards were infamous for their drinking habits. The heir honestly could not blame them, his parents ruled their home with iron fists, often spiked ones.

His attention went back to the dagger and he placed his hand over it, he knew it was there just from the weight but he touched it just to make sure. He wasn't even sure he'd be able to wield it properly, the overprotected and isolated child of wealth rarely had an opportunity to raise anything in his own defense, "It would be better if you had to explain nothing to my parents; even if you brought me home perfect, clean, and whole; you'd still have hell to pay. Let's avoid anything with the exalted Marquis, mais oui? I think we can both agree to that."

"I understand, I have been assaulted by a certain drunken lord who thought I was the pretty maid he often beds before, I'm not completely lacking in human behaviour. Although, I'm afraid I'll stick out like a sore thumb."

"Vous êtes vraiment impossible...the destination is fine with me. Let's go already, I want to see exactly how many of the rumours about you are true, Teru," Shinya's face fixed itself into its customary pout which was nearly audible once you came to know him well enough. Teru really did enjoy teasing him too much. He started walking the direction they had been headed, though he had no real idea where they were headed. He was ready to move again, to get started and see if this would be worth the risks. Midori had already warned him once about his rebellious behaviour lately, another reason she banned Teru from coming around, "Let's hope no other adventurous nobles are out tonight."

Posted by: t h e_blonde † CUNT † (petitflamboyant)
Posted at: August 15th, 2007 02:52 am (UTC)
14 [... =B]

Hearing the tiniest hesitation in Shinya's tone and listening for any falter in the blonde boy's footstep, Teru smiled to still hear the other boy following behind him, though he was sure the other must be double-checking the location of his dagger. At least the other would be cautious now, even if it might be a bit excessive.

"Believe me," he said, a slightly bitter tone to his voice, "You don't have to warn me twice about avoiding saying anything to your parents. At the same time, I think a worse fate would fall upon me should anything happen to you and I remained in stoic silence. Not that it will," he added quickly, "Which you and I both know. But just to be prepared in all circumstances..."

Trailing off, Teru checked the street they came to and turned down it. They were only minutes from the tavern now, so Teru checked his own knife at his side. If Teru had been alone on this trip, he would not have checked that he had a weapon at all; in fact he probably would not have brought one to begin with. However, as Shinya pointed out, the younger boy would stick out horribly amidst all the men and women that frequented the bar.

Knowing the particular destination, it was very unlikely anything would happen - Teru himself was well-known and there was not much scorn for the nobles, but he never knew who might be passing through. There would be others sympathetic to him there, and perhaps even Jyo might be making a visit, and they'd look out for the aristocrat if Teru was occupied elsewhere.

"Probably every one of those bloody rumors," Teru said with a slight giggle. "I really am horrible in a sense. Except for any ones that involve disloyalty," he said, tone becoming serious. "And about me lying. I don't lie." Smile returned to his lips at almost hearing Shinya's pout behind him at his teasing. Speeding up his gait a bit, he spotted the sign for the tavern a block or two up.

"Come on," he said. "And don't worry - the only noble that might come around here that I know of is Lady Jyo, and we both know she isn't about to go running off to your parents to tell on you." Another light laugh escaped his lips. "Tonight's going to be fun." Eyes glowing with mischief that the other couldn't see walking behind him, Teru couldn't contain his own bottled-up energy anymore. Somewhat puppylike in his action, he sprinted the last few steps to the door of the tavern, pausing when he reached it to allow the younger boy to catch up with him, impatient to enter, but not wanting to abandon the other outside on the dangerous streets at night.

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