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The Revenant Choir: an AU RP

'Aristocrats beautifully attired in a world filled with the smell of roses.
There live two clans: one who believe that death brings everlasting happiness.
The Others seek eternal life. One day, both dreams become reality,
the Others would never be destroyed. They were forced to live in loneliness,
like a never-ending punishment.

June, 2007, the Others' time had come. Descendents of the Rose appeared,
with their meeting, the memory of that day came flooding back and the story begins...'

The following is an AU [Alternate Universe] roleplaying game based on the tale told by the band Versailles. There are two clans - the first clan is content with death, while the other seeks immortality. One day, the second clan is granted eternal life. As with all things in this life, nothing is free: in exchange for immortality they face eternal loneliness.

Nota Bene: THIS IS A MUN DRAMA-FREE ZONE. Thank you.

1. Muses play: Roleplaying is not a place for Muns to get their own personal lives involved. Allow your Muses to do as they wish and leave the Mun drama out of the game. Typically the Muses create enough drama themselves that we don't need petty squabbling on top of it. If you have any problems, contact Aki (tellurianangel) or Shiira (incuchiq7prb), and they'll be more than happy to help. In the worst case scenario, Muns may be asked to leave and their Muses left for another to pick up.
2. You may not post OOC notices in your journals unless it's warning of a hiatus or another serious situation involving your participation. Do not use the community for OOC notices and no advertising.
3. The community is moderated. Applications are not necessarily accepted, and Aki is, in fact, an elitist bitch that enjoys rejecting and laughing at poor applicants. We don't expect you to know everything about your Muse for the application: Muses tend to lie and hide information. But you and your Muse should be prepared to display proficiency in writing. Spelling and grammar are imperative and we will reject applications if you are sloppy.
4. Each Muse should have a separate journal and each Muse should only have one journal. If a situation arises where we must deal with it in a different fashion, then we'll deal with that when we get there.
5. No godmodding. 'Godmodding' is an arbitrary term, but as long as you don't make things up and let your Muses do as they will, then everything should be fine.
6. Your Muses should interact - via IM conversations, comments, community posts, and journal posts - at least once every two months. If a Muse seems to have been forgotten about or left, the Muse will be considered open for claims once again. However, if a Muse does go missing and a Mun can't reach them, they should contact a moderator. We don't bite too hard and very much understand wayward Muses.
7. The writing in the community will range from G to NC-17, so we require that all Muns be at least seventeen (Muses do not have to follow the same stipulations; unfair, but we can't get sued for your Muses).
8. Do not let your Muse join the community until you have been accepted. Once that has happened, then feel free to join and friend everyone.
9. Please friends lock your journal entries and community posts. We won't bitchslap you too hard if you don't with your personal journal entries, but it just makes the comm look neater if the application and claims list are the only things not locked.
10. Preliminary 2 Muse maximum for new Muns. When you've proven that you can handle two Muses, you'll be allotted more on an individual basis. If you begin to neglect other Muses and can't handle the increase in Muses, you'll be asked to drop back down again.

1. Muses may be of either the mortal or immortal clans.
2. Most of the Muses will probably be related to Asian entertainment, but it is certainly not a requirement.
3. Muses may be either male or female (or intersex). Muse gender swaps will only be tolerated in very, very rare cases (for example, a female Toshiya).
4. Your Muse will likely be of either the aristocratic or common class. If they are some other station, please specify in their application.
5. Try to dissuade your Muses from killing another Mun's Muse without Mun permission. I realize in the end you can't control what your Muse does, but that's just not nice. And do not force your Muse to kill another and claim it was the 'Muse's' idea. That's not how it works and we'll all know you were altering events.
6. It may sound petty, but your Muses should dress the part for this particular RP. While it's supposedly June of 2007, the mystical world that Versailles creates is still a world of aristocratic intrigue. They keep mostly to the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat style. There may be some lenience in terms of appearance, but visual bands only. Think HIZAKI Grace Project, Versailles, Kaya, Lareine, Malice Mizer, and maybe Moi Dix Mois.

Not scared off yet? Fill out an application and try your luck.

Important links:
Claims List/An Easier Way To Friend Muses

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