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[MOD POST] He was a "rock and roll messiah"
by ☆ dragonfly ☆ (tellurianangel)
at July 25th, 2007 (03:13 am)

emplacement actuel: Versailles, 2007年6月
émotion actuelle: awake
musique actuelle: exist†trace || baptism

She was known for her childcare
The truth is gonna give up the world
If you can give up the stage
If I can give up the stage
If we can give up the stage.

A combination Claims List and way to friend everyone in the community more easily.

Aoi; the GazettE; aristocrat; 17; guitaredieu; AIM - Candycoatedshh
Asagi; D; aristocrat/count; late 20's; eden_child; AIM - GOSHIKA roid
Hiroshi; ビリー [BILLY]; street urchin; mid-teens; staticdamnation; AIM - TellurianAngel87
Jyo; exist†trace; immortal; 22; chimeiteki_doku; AIM - Bloodxmistr3ss | MSN - Ichigo_Desu_@hotmail.com
Shinya; Dir en grey; aristocrat; 14; xcourtierx; AIM - angelxhime
Teru; Versailles; spy/lower member of the court; 19; petitflamboyant; AIM - TellurianAngel87
Yumehito; 彩冷える [Ayabie]; rich; xxx; aisonu; AIM - supah himitsu

@ki; So....; commoner/unemployed; 18 xsaikexrokkux; AIM - TellurianAngel87
Exo-Chika; Aural Vampire; commoner/fortune teller; 25; fatalisxerror; AIM - TellurianAngel87
Fairy Yui; 妖精帝國 [Yousei Teikoku]; commoner/maid; 17; museixnoxkigan; AIM - TellurianAngel87
Iori; ex-Phantasmagoria; commoner; early 20's; psychofetishism; AIM - sintaintedlips
Henry Lau; SM Entertainment trainee; street musician/violinist; 18; angelstrill; AIM - garcon de violon
Kana; solo; dressmaker (apprentice); 16; kana_bunny; AIM - Bloodxmistr3ss | MSN - Ichigo_Desu_@hotmail.com
Kyo; Dir en grey; commoner/illusionist and entertainer; 21; tsuba_to_mitsu; AIM - Bloodxmistr3ss | MSN - Ichigo_Desu_@hotmail.com
Meguru; Panic*Ch; commoner/unemployed; 16; gummybeardeath; AIM - supahhimitsu
Ohno Satoshi; Arashi; commoner/artist; freestylesong; AIM - singforRAIN
Ryutaro; Plastic Tree; commoner/painter; 23; oiledbeauty; AIM - ekitaiPHOBIA {HIATUS}
Satoshi; girugamesh; aristocrat; 21; lordsblowhard; AIM - reason of crime
Shinya; Dir en grey; wealthy commoner; 16; xluckofthedrawx; AIM - TellurianAngel87

Other ["It's Complicated"]
Miyaji; solo; aristocratically common: musician~; 17; salivasweet; AIM - supahhimitsu

On Hold
Hizumi; D'espairsRay
Közi; Eve of Destiny
Toshiya; Dir en grey
Takuya; AnCafe

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Posted by: the fuckin prophet (tsuba_to_mitsu)
Posted at: June 22nd, 2008 05:55 am (UTC)

what the fuck aki, my aim is restricd regret :< YOU TO SLOW ON UPDATING THIS SHIT

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