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the fuckin prophet [userpic]
by the fuckin prophet (tsuba_to_mitsu)
at January 29th, 2008 (06:54 pm)

émotion actuelle: cranky
musique actuelle: Madeth gray'll - Bou Kai no Mato


this is le fucking rollcall.


uh. hi. you guys are out.

now everyone else be good boys and girls and continue on updating and actually being alive unlike those shitheads above. had your warnings, and you guys are fucktards anyway so.


you did not see an edit. fuckyou >\

~ Le Petit Rose ~ [userpic]
[Open to Teru]
by ~ Le Petit Rose ~ (xcourtierx)
at August 2nd, 2007 (02:11 am)

emplacement actuel: my bedroom
émotion actuelle: anxious

[ooc: This post is open to the public for the purpose of giving anyone who is interested but unsure of what we're looking for a visual aid.
Still have questions? Refer to Community Info for who to contact.]


The word practically reverberated in Shinya's head over and over as he pretended to study at his desk, the illumination from his computer casting an odd glow on his near white skin. Five more minutes and his mother would do her last check on the night, then he could dismiss his servants with an excuse. That was his plan now that he'd acquired a knife as instructed. Camelia was one of the few maids who was attached to Shinya, having been present for his all his life. A quick sob story was all it had taken and she slipped him one of his mother's daggers but without telling him why the exalted Marchioness would need one. He shrugged his curiousity away and glanced down at the drawer where it now lay.

He leaned his cheek against his hand, pouting in his usual petulant way. He would have to at least attempt to read some of his lessons. There will be hell to pay in the morning should he face his gouvernante empty-minded. His eyes widened at the the sound of the large door creaking open. One of his mother's maids came in first, sinking into a low curtsey like the rest, holding open the door for his elegant and cold mother to sweep in. Midori Terachi was still dressed from her dinner with a family "friend" and looked formidable as always, casting her faux green eyes over to her only child.

"You should sleep soon."

Shinya gave a deep curtsy, fanning the sides of his pale blue dressing gown out from his sides, "I apologize for being up so late, I do not want Madamoiselle Seymour to be disappointed. I shall retire for the night as soon as my reading is done, I promise."

For a moment, he worried she would see through him and he lowered his eyes to the ground, losing his court composure in fear. He might hate her but he did have to respect her to an extent, she was more experienced and had come from nearly nothing to married to a rising nobleman, one that was cowtowed to by women who had been born wealthy. Midori appeared to grow bored of watching him and made a soft click of her tongue; a sound of dismissal. A swish of fabric and she had disappeared from his insulated world once again. Rising and settling back at his desk, He cut his bright brown eyes at his three maids.

"Get out...please," his tone was calm but the aggravation of his plan gave an unintended edge to it, "I won't need help tonight and I want to be left alone. Go back to your rooms until morning."

He paused near his desk, waiting for the last one to duck out, then took off at a near run for his closet. Teru was on his way and he wasn't really dressed yet. He quickly slid off the dressing gown and pulled on another set of clothes, cursing because he couldn't find his boots. He stepped into his shoes and prayed that any damage wouldn't be reported to his mother. A frown settled itself over angelic features at the sight of his hair, his hand coming up to smooth it back and pull it back. Shinya took a turn in the mirror and sighed in defeat.

"What an inappropriate outfit...I look like I'm going to tea" a rush of breath left his sour face.

Resigning himself to the fate of his taste in clothes, he slipped the knife from the drawer and tucked it in his pink garter, waiting for to be rescued for the night. The metal was cold against his skin at first but finally warms and he was able to adjust to the weight high on his thigh. He had no doubt the other would show. Teru had a horrible reputation according to his parents, but to him the other's character was good. Shinya jumped at a noise outside and stood up, one hand clinging tightly to the tall bed post in excitement, his body tense and on edge.


[MOD POST] He was a "rock and roll messiah"
by ☆ dragonfly ☆ (tellurianangel)
at July 25th, 2007 (03:13 am)

emplacement actuel: Versailles, 2007年6月
émotion actuelle: awake
musique actuelle: exist†trace || baptism

She was known for her childcare
The truth is gonna give up the world
If you can give up the stage
If I can give up the stage
If we can give up the stage.

A combination Claims List and way to friend everyone in the community more easily.

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[MOD POST] The world denies everything about him...
by ☆ dragonfly ☆ (tellurianangel)
at July 13th, 2007 (01:31 am)

emplacement actuel: Versailles, 2007年6月
émotion actuelle: calm
musique actuelle: kaya {(Paradise Lost)}

...including his presence.
He finds his way to the end of despair:
Sweet garden of immortality.
It's been waiting for you forever.

We've been waiting for you, outcasts and lost souls.

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